We tailored the embedded market by performing certain operating systems or language to perform unique programmable task. Our embedded system service provides design specification to various fields as industrial machines, automobiles, medical equipment, household appliances, vending machines, gadgets, cameras etc.

Protocol Stack:

  • Gadgets are the beatified invention of the technological upshot.
  • We serve and support the wireless connectivity requirements to your applications through our network protocol stacks.
  • Our specialized protocol implementation framework provides unique picks to race the size and complexity of your network.
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  • In the digital era we are connected and driven with the internet to facilitate and expand our communications.
  • We provide different modes of connectivity service with the affordable costs.
  • Devices may exposed to varying levels of data connection quality and we serve the best to acquire the quick response time.


  • We extend wide range of our service in multimedia technology from image processing, hardware design, trans-coding, streaming, households etc.
  • Our real time embedded multimedia systems for streaming applications ensuring us guaranteed, reliable and quick response with the content of security.
  • We provide QoS which enables Wi-Fi access points to prioritize traffic and optimizes the way shared network resources are allocated among different applications.
  • Our Robust Programming language support the wide range of multimedia services.
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