We are surrounded with semiconductors without which the digital life is unimaginable. Electronic gadgets such as mobiles, computers, tabs etc are the remarkable technologies made an encounter with semiconductors. It simply turns the imagination technology into economical feast. We Rever Eye work on semiconductors to upgrade our life and make it much easier.

Digital Design:

  • We aid to provide the digital design with the wide range of design implementations, soc verifications, power managements, RTL design, physical design etc.,
  • Our design simulations reduce the time to market and cost of ownership through unique strategies which results in optimal semiconductor solutions.
  • We have a skilled proficient thrives to work on FPGA, ASIC and SOC design.

Analog Design:

  • We provide circuit building blocks which can be implemented using bipolar technology and as well as metal oxide (MOS) technology.
  • We offer services such as analog and mixed signal design solutions, SOC design verification and physical design, foundry services, silicon validation.
  • We support our customers at any level of semiconductor product life cycle.

System Design:

We provide an upgrading design process with an easy to use interface, superior design explorations and optimized design flow.